About Us

who we are

The St. Augustine Business Coalition (SABC) was formed in 2019 by a group of business leaders with interests in St. Augustine’s downtown core and Entry Corridors. We realized the need to have a group focused specially on representing the downtown’s business community- a group that could advocate for those businesses, present their concerns to decision makers, and be the go-to when those decision makers needed input from the businesses. About a dozen businesspeople came together to form the St. Augustine Business Coalition.

Today our SABC Leadership Group comprises about 15 people- representing the diverse types of businesses found in downtown St. Augustine- who guide the direction and focus of SABC and work to create events to provide all downtown business owners with the ability to directly speak to City and County decision-makers.

Our mission

The St. Augustine Business Coalition’s mission is to be:

the preeminent voice of St. Augustine’s core Historic District and surrounding area business community

the premier advocacy organization for business interests within City of St. Augustine’s core

the place where businesspeople can come together, learn more about timely issues and topics hyper-relevant to their business’s interests, and have direct dialogue with key decision makers

Upcoming Meeting Info

We’re excited to invite you to our upcoming meeting where we’ll be diving into different types of matter. This is an excellent opportunity to gather, share insights, and collaborate on important matters that impact our community.

Public Meeting Recaps

We’re delighted to share recaps of our recent public meetings where members of our community came together to discuss our previous meetings. This meeting served as an important platform for exchanging ideas, addressing concerns, and fostering collaboration among participants.

Recent Press

We’re pleased to provide access to our latest press releases, announcements, and updates. This page serves as a central hub for media professionals, journalists, and interested parties to stay informed about the latest news and developments.